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Conversion of old lighting advertising to LED technology. LED lighting is often subsidized by the government in many cases!

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Lighting Advertising and Signage Service

Lighting Advertising, Advertising Technology, Outdoor Presentation

Lighting Advertising as an approach to effective marketing

Impressive and high-quality lighting is ideal for your marketing efforts. Not only for the entrance of a store, but also for company headquarters, productions, or warehouses, the right lighting advertising can create a stylish impression. Both pylons with lighting and illuminated letters or LED constructions can be easily realized here with us. We are always by your side when it comes to the appropriate lighting advertising system.

What does the design of your lighting advertising depend on?

We don't offer off-the-shelf lighting solutions. We ensure individual design for each project that suits your company. Both the construction of the systems and the color selection and positioning are therefore individually tailored to your wishes. In the context of a personal on-site meeting, we discuss in detail how you imagine your new lighting advertising systems and what is important to you for your project.

We also act very flexibly in technical terms and only work with high-quality LED modules. This allows you to benefit from an energetically efficient and effective advertising measure and rely on impressive lighting advertising systems. Good lighting advertising impresses, fascinates the customer, and puts your company directly in focus.

The key advantages of our advertising service

In addition to creative and technically well-thought-out planning, you can expect numerous other advantages with us as your experts for high-quality lighting advertising. These include, for example, planning and coordination for your projects, with which you can rely on functional and sustainable lighting advertising systems from the outset. The following aspects are always crucial for you:

Comprehensive consultation

Good illuminated signs should not be created overnight. In our consultation, we find out which style best suits your project and with which design you will be successful. This ensures effective outdoor advertising in the long term.

Effective planning

When preparing your new lighting advertising, planning is key. We design our own designs for each customer and adapt them to your ideas in detail. Not only color and shape, but also material, procurement, and maintenance are extensively planned.

Customized implementation

Once our design has been approved by you in a personal conversation, we start with the practical implementation. We always pay attention to technically sophisticated systems and a coherent overall package. This way, you can expect long-lasting good lighting systems of high quality.

Ideal for the outdoor presentation of your business

Lighting Advertising, Advertising Technology, Outdoor Presentation

Especially illuminated letters, impressive advertising boards, and clear messages are well-suited for good external representation. In this way, lighting advertising is a good complement to the many traditional forms of advertising to directly draw attention to your business or specific messages. With our specially made outdoor advertising systems for you, you ensure that efficient, high-quality, and practical advertising technology is not hindered.

Not only technically, but also stylistically, we keep an eye on things and ensure optimal adaptation. Good lighting advertising manages to adapt to existing advertising concepts and market the advertising message even more clearly. For this reason, we accompany you from the initial draft to the final design and take care of all the planning effort for you. Feel free to be inspired by our concepts.

Places where lighting advertising is meaningful

Lighting Advertising, Advertising Technology, Outdoor Presentation

As mentioned before, there are a variety of suitable places for high-quality lighting advertising. This applies, for example, to local shops, but also to production centers, factories, business headquarters, and many more. The advertising industry thrives on creativity and diversity at this point, which is why there is nothing standing in the way of realizing your wishes. The following ideas can also be implemented directly on-site in your company without you having to worry about technical effort:

   Illuminated logos for the business entrance

   Illuminated advertising banners on the property

   Advertising boards with light on the facade

   Illuminated letters on the building's wall

   Radiant advertising signs above the entrance

   Advertising pylons with light on the premises

The possibilities offered by individually designed lighting advertising

If you are interested in a high-quality lighting advertising system, you have countless options available. This applies, for example, to illuminated logos in various colors and intensities that attract all eyes to you. Also, the combination with additional light directions such as a double-sided sign or a laterally illuminated advertising board is easily possible. We always find a suitable solution that fits your budget and meets your needs.

The control of your lighting advertising is also flexible at this point. For example, you can choose a light sensor for switching on and off, but also a convenient timer. Our high-quality lighting solutions are always energy-optimized, so you don't have to worry about high electricity and energy consumption. This way, you always keep running costs in view.

Numerous services for your lighting advertising

To help you precisely with our service, we offer a range of additional services for you. This applies, for example, to regular inspections of the systems as well as the performance of necessary repairs. We also put together further service packages individually and minimize your effort. We are happy to keep an eye on your lighting advertising and ensure that your advertising concepts remain functional and of high quality at all times.


Our experienced team installs your signs and advertising systems, including everything that goes with it such as power connection, foundation, and building permit.


Regular maintenance ensures functionality and preservation of value of your advertising system alike and increases the lifespan of your system.


Always tip-top, inside and out. We make your advertising shine, even at great heights. In addition to professional cleaning, we also take care of all the necessary equipment such as cherry pickers, permits, power shutdowns, etc.


Modernization of your lighting advertising to durable and energy-saving LED technology, so that your system is evenly and optimally illuminated. Want to keep your neon system? Our neon service includes replacing fluorescent tubes as well as regenerating neon letters so that your advertising always shines in fresh splendor.

Years of experience for your technical lighting advertising

Lighting Advertising, Advertising Technology, Outdoor Presentation

When it comes to high-quality and safe advertising technology, long-lasting and good quality is crucial. After many years of technical experience in the advertising industry, we know exactly what helps your industry and what means you are on the safe side in the long run. Both analog advertising materials and digital components play a crucial role here. As experts in effective lighting advertising and smooth positioning, we are at your side for all inquiries.

So in the past, we have successfully completed numerous tasks in the field of lighting advertising. These include various facade claddings, but also the LED conversion for a local supermarket. Directly on our website, you can find many more references in the field of lighting advertising, with which you can convince yourself of our work. If you have any questions about our services or specifically about your project, we are always personally available to you.

Get advice on your lighting advertising now!

Would you like to benefit from a fresh look and good advertising concepts yourself? Then we are the right partner for your lighting advertising project. With us, modern and well-thought-out concepts for your outdoor advertising are always in focus, so you are always well-positioned. We not only carry out but also advise you on this point. We look forward to your contact and are happy to accompany you with your new lighting advertising.

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Maintenance, repair, and cleaning of advertising systems or signs, even at great heights.

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